My trials, tribulations and other things …


Beer Engineers

As many people now know, We launched Beer Engineers back in May. This is the official trade name of the DBI Beer Company, LLC. It has been a privilege to introduce the world, well mainly Alabama, to our unique beers. For information about Beer Engineers simply click on the link or visit I will be updating that site with pertinent and relevent business info. This site will remain up but will mostly become archival and seldomly updated. In addition to starting a contract beer company I also completed my MBA this past spring. It was a wonderful course of study for me and has provided me with many useful skills   for my company and business in general. I recommend UAB and an MBA in general to everyone. Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in this site, me and my company. I look forward to the future in a bright and shiny way that only a small business owner/ entrepreneur can.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far in this endeavor.

DBI Beer Company

After a few naming rounds and some trademark agony we decided to form as a holding company for whatever brand name we eventually would use.  DBI Beer Company, LLC formed to take on a loan, start purchasing equipment, file tax returns, etc. We will file a d/b/a under our eventual brand name, that the general public will be introduced to.  In the meantime we are moving forward, the loan has been approved and finalized, equipment should be purchased soon and we are basically on track to debut at the Magic City Brew Fest. We are planning on releasing one main beer and a few one offs at the festival, fingers crossed, everyone will love us and we will be off to a running start. To ensure that we don’t stumble at the gate we will be holding a couple of private tastings pre launch to get the kinks out and to help whet people’s thirst for our beer. So if you are interested in getting in at the ground level of Birmingham’s next big beer company, just let me know.


It’s all happening

Four Horsemen Brewery is in the process of being reborn as The DNA Beer Company.  I hesitate to even publish this as it all seems so fragile right now but the paper work should be finished by the end of next week. We decided to become contract brewers and as luck would have it we hopefully have found a brewery to work with here in the great state of Alabama. I hope to publish more as the deals get signed and everything is finalized, but look for our beer on shelves sometime this summer! I still can’t believe this is for real.


Data recovery

I’m trying to consolidate all of my old photography work and I’ve run into an expensive issue. All of my europe photos are saved on a single Hitachi 4GB MicroDrive. This as some of you know is basically a mini HD mounted in a CF case. in other words extremely easy to break and somewhat unreiable. So now in hte hopes of getting my photos back I’m going to spend upwards of a grand to have the platters pulled and the data read off the disk. I hope this is worth it. $1000.00 bucks and a one month turn around time, you’d think those photos were made of gold.



Google and Dogfish Head make a beer together!

Record label

I have several friends that are very talented musicians. Tonight some of us got together for a coffee house premier. It got me thinking about distribution and labels so I registered a new domain, first chance records . com. With a little luck we maybe able to get a real label going here.

MBA program

Just a quick update everyone, I’ve started taking classes towards finishing my MBA at UAB. So far the program is really great, but I’m only a week into things. stay tuned for more updates as things progress.

Social media marketing

In my attempts to update my Dad’s company’s web presence I’ve stumbled into a position to start a social media monitoring company. It seems I have a talent for discovering and mobilizing new media to promote a brand. Who knew! No, I haven’t forgotten about the beer industry or my dreams there. However, the cost of starting a brewery is daunting to say the least and at the moment I simply don’t have the capital to start such an endeavor. This company on the other hand simply requires a computer, the internet, and time.  All of which I happen to have.  Now all I need is a good company name that I can register as a domain.  any suggestions?

FHB: Four Horsemen Brewery

I went to Brewfest yesterday, and it gave me the courage, ahem, to announce to the interwebz: I am starting a brewery.  Four Horsemen Brewery will be the smallest Brewery in Alabama, the Southeast, and possibly the United States.  Starting with a 5 gallon homebrew kit we will be able to produce .15BBL (Barrels) per batch. To give you a comparision your average brewpub uses a 10 BBL system.  So we will be very very tiny to start off, but good things come in small packages and if you are one of the few lucky people to help us beta test our Barely Brown Ale you know how special it is.  So if you would like to invest in a great company, try some great beer, or have a small comercial space you’d like to lend to a plucky start-up drop us a note. Otherwise stay tuned for exciting things, including a website soon to come.